Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Parvati Shallow wins "Survivor: Micronesia"

Last night the 16th season of "Survivor" came to a close, as Parvati beat Amanda to win the million dollars. The show started with the final four women unsurprisingly voting out Natalie, the last remaining fan. Then, the castaways were shocked to learn that it would be a final two, not a final three. Amanda won immunity again and stuck with Parvati, voting out Cirie. The jury then questioned the last two women, well most of them did, as Eliza just stated her vote was still up for grabs and Ozzy took the opportunity to profess his love for Amanda. When the votes were revealed live in New York City, Amanda came up short for the second season in a row. Also for a second season in a row, James won the viewer vote this time taking home $100,000. I think its finally time James and his abs & Amanda and her muppet face officially leave the "Survivor" universe.

Also on the finale, Jeff Probst confirmed that the next season will take place in Gabon, Africa.

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