Monday, June 16, 2008

"Bachelor" Matt moves out of Shayne's house

"Bachelor" Matt Grant has moved out of his fiancee Shayne Lamas' house into his own condo in California, but he says they are still together. He told "People" magazine “I had to get my own life out here. Get my career and friends and have my own circle. That’s important in a relationship. That you are not entirely on top of someone. Early on in the relationship, people need a little space. It’s almost to keep the spark, the romance, that exists in the first year of a relationship. Living together after knowing one another after four months is probably a little bit quick. Certainly for our generation.”

Whether this is a good thing or the beginning of the end of their relationship is not yet known. Only time will tell. However, when asked if he is in love with her, he said “I wouldn’t be engaged if I wasn’t.”

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