Monday, July 14, 2008

"Big Brother 10" Spoilers: Jerry First HoH. Brian voted out!

"Big Brother 10" has just started and already there are major alliances forming and enemies being made. On the premiere episode last night we saw the 13 houseguests vote who should be the first HoH before they even entered the house. Before they revealed the winner the cast competed in their first challenge, in which Memphis won a 1966 Camaro and half the house went on slop. Then it was revealed that Jerry was voted HoH, with Renny coming in second. Brian approached Jerry about being in an alliance with him and Dan and Jerry seemed to agree and nominated Renny and Jessie for eviction.

Now here's where the spoilers come in. When the feeds went live at midnight eastern time something had changed and apparently the veto was used and Brian is the replacement nominee.
UPDATE: A week later, Brian became the first houseguest voted out. Then Jessie won HoH and nominated Steven and Dan.

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