Thursday, July 31, 2008

Who will be evicted on tonight's "Big Brother 10"? Angie or Jessie?

Tonight on "Big Brother 10" a third houseguest will be evicted live at 8pm est. If you've been watching the feeds, then you probably already know that Keesha has been pushing hard for it to be Angie. No one in her alliance seems to be willing to go against her wishes, so it will most likely be Angie leaving.

Two things that aren't as obvious are who is going to win HoH & who America picked as the new America's Player. My guess on the latter is that it will be either Renny or Dan. As for the new HoH the alliance of Michelle, Memphis and Jessie needs to win or their days are numbered.

You also may have heard that an earthquake hit the BB House. We will no doubt see that on tonight's episode, but CBS has released this preview. Take a look...

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