Saturday, August 30, 2008

"Big Brother 10" Spoilers: Memphis Wins PoV

After last night's PoV comp the houseguests were so exhausted they never talked about who won. We didn't find out til this afternoon that Memphis won the PoV, which probably was the late night Morphing comp that they all do separately. Memphis and Dan's times were only eight seconds apart, while Renny took 23 minutes. Memphis plans on taking Dan off the block, forcing Jerry to put up Renny. If that happens it doesn't look good for Renny, as Memphis and Dan would probably vote her out. Keesha is trying to convince Memphis not to use the veto so that Dan goes home but Memphis isn't having it. We'll find out for sure after the PoV ceremony Monday afternoon.

Andy Baldwin to wed DeAnna and Jesse

Former "Bachelor: An Officer and a Gentleman" star Andy Baldwin will wed "Bachelorette" couple DeAnna Pappas and Jesse Csincsak. Andy chose Tessa on the finale of his season, but they split shortly after. "I'm really so happy for DeAnna and Jesse," he told In Touch. "I am really honored that they've asked me and I can't wait to be a part of their big day." The couple has set a date of May 9th 2009 but have yet to announce if their wedding will be televised.

"America's Got Talent" Renewed for Next Year

NBC's summer hit "America's Got Talent" just revealed their Top 40, but the show has already been renewed for next year. A fourth season will air next summer and the renewal is no surprise, given the show's success this year. It averages around 13 million viewers an episode, placing it in the top 5 shows each week. This year the talent has been hit or miss, featuring great acts like opera singer Neal E. Boyd and duo Nuttin' but Strings but also horrible ones like Britney impersonator Derrick Barry and annoying kid Kaitlyn Maher. The million dollar winner will be revealed October 1st.

Friday, August 29, 2008

"Big Brother 10" Spoilers: Jerry Wins HoH and Nominates Keesha and Dan

At midnight the live feeds were still blocked but Showtime's "Big Brother After Dark" started and the unthinkable has happened... JERRY WON HoH! That sent the alliance of four into a tailspin as they knew one of them was leaving. Jerry approached Memphis about an alliance, to which Memphis agreed. Jerry really wants Dan gone, so he nominated Dan and Keesha hoping Dan doesn't win the veto. The veto comp was played late Friday night and when the feeds returned at 6 am est. no one spoke about who won! We'll have to wait til' tomorrow to find out!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

"Big Brother 10" Spoilers: Michelle and Ollie Evicted in a Double Elimination

The live eviction episode of "Big Brother 10" just ended and Michelle and Ollie were the double elimination victims. The episode began with the aftermath of the veto meeting. CBS heavily edited Ollie's blow-up, even changing a curse filled tirade toward Memphis into "Red headed cabbage patch kid". Speaking as a redhead, I'm more offended by that then his real words. Minutes later we rejoined the houseguests live, and Michelle was unsurprisingly evicted 3-1 receiving one sole vote from Ollie.

The HoH comp then started and consisted of the headlines we answered on the CBS website. After seven questions it was down to Keesha and Jerry in a tie. They both answered the same on the first tiebreaker, but Keesha pulled out the win on the second. She then nominated Ollie and Jerry for eviction, shocking nobody. Then the lame-ass PoV competition started, in which the houseguests dug through hay in search of two veto symbols. Dan won after what seemed like 14 seconds. He, of course, didn't use the veto and Ollie was unanimously evicted. He stormed out of the house in what Julie called "the quickest exit in Big Brother history".

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

"Survivor 17: Gabon" Cast Revealed

The new castaways of "Survivor: Gabon" have been revealed by CBS. The upcoming seventeenth season will premiere with a two-hour episode on September 25th and will be broadcast in HD, a first for the series. Exile Island will return, but since the show filmed on Gabon's coast, it will just be called "Exile". That's not the only change says host Jeff Probst "When you go to Exile this time you can either get a clue that will help you find the hidden immunity idol or you can get 'instant comfort'-a nice thing to sleep on, some food, some fruit. Depending upon the time, we'll make the temptation bigger and bigger. The idea was to see if anybody would be dumb enough to choose comfort over the only thing that guarantees you to stick in the game, which is immunity."

The season will begin with the castaways divided into two tribes by a schoolyard pick'em and then they immediately compete in their first challenge. Jeff Probst also touched on this season's tag line 'Earth's Last Eden'. "In a strange coincidence to Earth's Last Eden, good vs. evil emerges as a major theme this season. I think the audience will quickly identify with one group or the other."

For pictures and bios of the cast, click here!

"Survivor 17: Gabon" Cast Pics and Bios

Here's a quick peek at all eighteen castaways that will be competing for the million dollars on "Survivor 17: Gabon". For even more detailed bios check out the official CBS site here!

Paloma Soto-Castillo 24 Student Downey, California

Randy Bailey 49 Wedding Videographer Eagle Rock, Missouri

Susie Smith 47 Hairdresser Charles City, Iowa

Kelly Czarnecki 22 Retail Sales Buffalo Grove, Illinois

Ken Hoang 22 Professional Gamer Westminster, California

Marcus Lehman 28 Doctor Atlanta, Georgia

Matty Whitmore 29 Personal Trainer Pacific Palisades, California

Michelle Chase 24 Music Producer Los Angeles, California

Dan Kay 32 Lawyer Boston, Massachusetts

Danny "GC" Brown 26 Maintenance Man Portland, Oregon

Gillian Larson 61 Retired Nurse Temecula, California

Jacque Berg 25 Medical Sales Santa Barbara, California

Jessica "Sugar" Kiper 29 Pin-Up Model Brooklyn, New York

Ace Gordon 27 Jewelry Sales Naples, Florida

Bob Crowley 58 Physics Teacher Portland, Maine

Charlie Herschel 29 Lawyer New York, New York

Corinne Kaplan 29 Pharmaceutical Sales Los Angeles, California

Crystal Cox 29 Former Olympic Athlete Durham, North Carolina

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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

"Dancing with the Stars 7" Cast and Dance Partner Pairings Revealed

The new cast of "Dancing with the Stars" has been announced as well as which pro dancers will be their partners. This season's stars range in age from 18 to 82 and consist of thirteen people, the most ever, but it seems to be making up in quantity what it lacks in quality. I mean, when Lance Bass is by far the most famous person on the show you know you're in trouble. But maybe that's just me, what do you think of the new cast?

Singer Toni Braxton 40 and Alec Mazo

"Married with Children" actor Ted McGinley 50 and Inna Brayer

Former NFL player Warren Sapp 35 and Kym Johnson

Comedian and Roastmaster Jeffrey Ross 43 and Edyta Sliwinska

Olympic gold medal beach volleyball player Misty May-Treanor 31 and Maksim Chmerkovskiy

Olympic gold medal track star Maurice Greene 34 and Cheryl Burke

"All My Children" star Susan Lucci 61 and Tony Dovolani

N*SYNC star Lance Bass 29 and Lacey Schwimmer

Reality TV star Kim Kardashian 27 and Mark Ballas

"Hannah Montana" star Cody Linley 18 and Julianne Hough

"Mary Tyler Moore Show" star Cloris Leachman 82 and Corky Ballas

Celebrity Chef Rocco DiSpirito 41 and Karina Smirnoff

Model Brooke Burke 37 and Derek Hough

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Kara DioGuardi Added as New Fourth Judge on "American Idol"

Viewers will be seeing someone new sitting next to Paula, Randy and Simon when "American Idol" returns in January. Kara DioGuardi, a 37 year old Grammy nominated songwriter, will be a new permanent fourth judge. Many of the international versions of "Idol" have four judges but this is a first for the US show. DioGuardi's songs have appeared on more than 100 million records and have been recorded by artists like Gwen Stefani, Christina Aguilera, Pink, Enrique Iglesias, Jewel and Faith Hill just to name a few. She was also a judge on the show "The One" which was canceled after only two episodes back in the summer of 2006. Talking about her approach to the show she said "I'd say I'm honest. I'd say I believe in what I believe in, and I'm willing to fight for it. And I'm pretty feisty. I'm just gonna speak to Simon the way I speak to everybody. I'm just gonna have my opinion, be honest and I don't foresee any problems. I'm really excited about this, and up for the challenge."

Monday, August 25, 2008

"Big Brother 10" Spoilers: Memphis Uses Veto, Michelle Goes on the Block

Chaos erupted in the "Big Brother" house today after Memphis used the veto on himself during the veto ceremony. Ollie and Michelle thought that HoH Dan would follow through on part three of the deal that Ollie made with Dan. Ollie wanted Keesha or Renny to be the re-nom, but Dan shocked them both when he nominated Michelle instead. During his veto speech Dan even let multiple houseguests say who they think should be nominated.

After Michelle's nomination, Ollie went crazy storming around and yelling insults at Memphis. After a brief chat with Dan, in which Ollie told him that he took away his "manhood" and "disrespected him in front of millions", Ollie proceeded to throw things around the house, breaking lights, and tossing the keys around. Ollie, Jerry and Michelle are now steering clear of the others. It would be very surprising if Michelle stayed on Thursday as the plan now is to get her out. What the houseguests don't know is that this week is a double eviction and another person will be leaving. Tune in Thursday at 8pm to find out who!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

"Big Brother 10" Spoilers: Memphis Wins the Power of Veto

The "Big Brother 10" houseguests competed in a very important PoV comp yesterday, and Memphis took the gold and will undoubtedly take himself off the block. Dan had honored his deal with Ollie and placed Memphis and Jerry on the block. Ollie even got to choose one of Dan's nominees, and he chose Memphis. Now that Memphis is going to save himself, Dan has a big decision to make. According to the deal Dan made with Ollie, the replacement nominee can't be Ollie or Michelle. However, Dan has told his alliance he is going against the deal and will put up Michelle. If he does, Ollie and Michelle will be furious and sparks will fly in the house. We'll see what happens Monday afternoon when the PoV ceremony takes place.

Friday, August 22, 2008

"Big Brother 10" Spoilers: Dan Nominates Memphis and Jerry

The "Big Brother 10" live feeds just returned after the nomination ceremony and Dan nominated Memphis and Jerry. Last night, during the endurance HoH comp Dan made a very in-depth deal with Ollie so that Ollie would drop and give Dan the HoH. The details of the deal are not 100% known because the feeds were not working correctly for a majority of the night. It seems Dan agreed not to nominate Ollie or Michelle and not to put either of them on the block if the PoV is used. Another aspect of the deal was that Ollie got to choose one of the nominees, and he chose Memphis. Dan's alliance of Memphis, Keesha and Renny are understandably not thrilled with his actions but they all know the real test will come after the PoV comp. If the PoV is won by Jerry, Memphis, Ollie, Michelle or Dan who will be the replacement nominee? Will Dan continue to honor his deal with Ollie and anger his alliance? We'll find out after the PoV!

"Big Brother 10" Spoilers: April Evicted, Dan Wins Endurance HoH

On the live eviction episode, April the 30 year old Financial Manager from Higley, Arizona was evicted from the "Big Brother" house and became the second member of the jury. She was evicted 4-1 receiving one lone vote from her showmance Ollie. Then, the second endurance HoH of the season began with the houseguests swinging on vines and being slammed into a padded wall. Jerry was the first to drop after a half hour, followed by Keesha at the one hour mark. Two hours into the comp Michelle fell, leaving Dan, Memphis and Ollie to battle it out. Then, three and a half hours in, Memphis fell with Ollie and Dan the last two hanging on. Dan was struggling and made a deal with Ollie not to put up him or Michelle. Ollie accepted and dropped, crowning Dan HoH. Who will Dan nominate now? We'll find out tomorrow at the nomination ceremony.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Jason Mesnick picked as "The Bachelor"

When "The Bachelor" premieres in January many fans will be happy to see that ABC has chosen 31 year old account executive Jason Mesnick as the star of the thirteenth season of the show. Jason was the runner-up on the recently ended fourth season of "The Bachelorette" when DeAnna chose Jesse instead. Jason got divorced two years ago and has custody of his 3 year old son Ty. Host Chris Harrison said that "Ty would have to take center stage" and hinted that the show might take place in Seattle, Jason's hometown. Casting for the women competing for Jason's heart is now taking place and if you're interested in being on the show you can apply here!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

What Stars will be on "Dancing with the Stars" and "Celebrity Apprentice"?

While official announcements will probably be released in the upcoming weeks, rumors have been swirling as to which "stars" will be participating in the two celebrity based reality shows. Just a reminder, all of this is speculation and many of these people may not end up doing the shows.

The "Dancing with the Stars 7" cast will be revealed on Monday and some of the names being tossed around include N*SYNC member Lance Bass, "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" Kim Kardashian, singer Toni Braxton, rodeo star and Jewel's husband Ty Murray, "The Brady Bunch" mom Florence Henderson and original Batman Adam West who, at 79, would be the oldest participant ever. Former Miami Dolphin Dan Marino was approached, but he declined.

As for the second season of "Celebrity Apprentice", that show doesn't debut until January but filming is scheduled to start September 21st. Former NBA Star Dennis Rodman, Playboy Playmate Brande Roderick and comedian Joan Rivers are all heavily rumored to be on the show.

Many of these names are not new to the reality TV universe. Kim Kardashian has her own reality TV show, Ty Murray hosts "Celebrity Bull Riding Challenge", Florence Henderson was on "The Surreal Life", Dennis Rodman won "Celebrity Mole", Joan Rivers has been on the U.K.'s "Big Brother" and Brande Roderick's entire career has basically consisted of reality TV, with appearances on "Fear Factor" and "The Surreal Life" to name a few. Remember, these are just rumors and I will have the official casts as soon as they are released

"Amazing Race 13" Cast Revealed!

The eleven two-person teams competing on "The Amazing Race 13" have been revealed by CBS. The upcoming season will debut September 28th and will have the teams embark on a 30,000 mile trek over the course of 23 days. This season the teams will visit Brazil, Bolivia, Russia and India, as well as the show's first-ever stops in Kazakhstan and Cambodia. Also, according to CBS, one team makes "an unprecedented mistake" that "ultimately prohibited them from joining their fellow Racers at the finish line."

Here's your first look at the teams courtesy of CBS...

"Amazing Race 13" Cast Photos and Bios

Here's a closer look at all eleven teams competing on "The Amazing Race 13". For even more detailed bios check out the official CBS site here!

"Long Distance Dating Couple" Aja Benton and Ty White
Aja is a 25-year-old aspiring actress from Los Angeles, CA. Ty is a 25-year-old banker from West Bloomfield, MI.

"Brother and Sister" Nick and Starr Spangler
Nick is a 22-year-old actor from New York City. Starr is a 21-year-old former NFL cheerleader from Fort Worth, TX.

"Dating Couple" Anthony Marotta and Stephanie Kacandes
Anthony is a 32-year-old mortgage broker and Stephanie is a 32-year-old financial saleswoman. Both reside in Los Angeles, CA.

"Divorcees" Kelly Crabb and Christy Cook
Kelly is a 26 year-old pharmaceutical sales representative from Houston, TX. Christy is a 26 year-old business developer from Austin, TX.

"Fraternity Brothers" Andrew Lappitt and Dan Honig
Andrew is a 22-year-old student from Tucson, AZ. Dan is a 23-year-old hotel manager trainee from Wilmington, DE.

"Newly Dating Couple" Terence Gerchberg and Sarah Leshner
Terence is a 35-year-old running coach and Sarah is a 31-year-old investment analyst. Both reside in New York City.

"Married Beekeepers" Anita and Arthur Jones
Anita is a 63-year-old retired paralegal and Arthur is a 61-year-old in playground maintenance. Both reside in Eugene, OR.

"Mother and Son" Toni and Dallas Imbimbo
Toni is a 51-year-old accounting consultant and Dallas is a 22-year-old student. Both reside in Woodside, CA.

"Best Friends" Mark Yturralde and Bill Hahler
Mark is a 41-year-old Comic-Con treasurer and Bill is a 42-year-old student aid administrator. Both reside in San Diego, CA.

"Separated Couple" Ken and Tina Greene
Ken is a 51 year-old home-builder and ex-NFL player from Tampa, FL. Tina is the 48 year-old president of BioPharmMed from San Diego, CA.

"Friends" Marisa Axelrod and Brooke Jackson
Marisa is a 22 year-old University of South Carolina broadcast journalism student from Spartanburg, SC. Brooke is a 24 year-old graphic designer from Columbia, SC.

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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Fall 2008 Reality TV Premieres

Don't know when your favorite reality TV shows are premiering this fall? Here's your handy guide to all the fall shows debuting soon. Bookmark this list and check back often for up to date info!

September 3rd "America's Next Top Model 11" Wednesdays 8pm The CW

September 3rd "Top Design 2" Wednesdays 10pm Bravo

September 4th "Kitchen Nightmares" Thursdays 9pm FOX

September 16th "The Biggest Loser 6: Families" Tuesdays 8pm NBC

September 22nd "Dancing with the Stars 7" Mondays 8pm & Tuesdays 9pm ABC

September 25th "Survivor 17: Gabon - Earth's Last Eden" Thursdays 8pm CBS

September 28th "The Amazing Race 13" Sundays 8pm CBS

October 3rd "Wife Swap" Fridays 8pm ABC

October 3rd "Supernanny" Fridays 9pm ABC

October 12th "Rock of Love Girls: Charm School with Sharon Osbourne" Sundays 9pm VH1

October 18th "Hulk Hogan's Celebrity Championship Wrestling" Saturdays 8pm CMT

October 22nd "Stylista" Wednesdays 9pm The CW

November 6th "50 Cent: The Money & the Power" Thursdays 10pm MTV

November 12th "Top Chef: New York" Wednesdays 10pm Bravo
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Saturday, August 16, 2008

"Big Brother 10" Spoilers: Dan Wins Veto

Five minutes ago the live feeds returned after a late night PoV competition and the veto is hanging around Dan's neck. Keesha just asked Dan whether he planned on using it or not. Dan responded "Probably not". Ollie is consoling April, but she doesn't seem too worried, as she thinks she can convince Michelle and Dan to vote for her to stay. If the veto is not used the decision rests in the hands of Dan and Memphis. They could vote with Ollie and evict Jerry, because Jerry is targeting both Dan and Memphis or they could vote with Keesha and evict April, because she is the stronger competitor. They will have a lot of time to think about it, as the next live eviction is five and half days away.

Friday, August 15, 2008

"Big Brother 10" Spoilers: Renny Nominates April and Jerry

Minutes ago the "Big Brother 10" live feeds clicked back on after the nomination ceremony. Right now April is very upset and Renny is telling Jerry he is not the target, implying that April and Jerry are the nominees. Earlier today Dan and Memphis campaigned for Jerry to be nominated next to April, while Keesha made the case for Ollie to sit next to April. Renny seems to not want to make many enemies, but I think April and Ollie would have been the better move. Also today was the food comp, which was a gross eating one with crickets and pig ears. Half the house is on slop, but they all get to enjoy the treat we voted for...giant lollipops!

Who will win the Power of Veto? Could it shake things up in the house? We'll find out tomorrow!

"American Idol" Carmen Rasmusen Expecting First Child

Continuing the trend of ex-"Idol"s having kids, season two contestant Carmen Rasmusen has announced that she is five months pregnant with her first child. "I'm actually expecting my first boy this Christmas," she told People. The 23 year old sixth place finisher met her husband Brad Herbert at Brigham Young University and they got married in December 2005. Commenting on the news of Clay Aiken's baby Carmen said "Isn't this crazy? We're going to both be parents! It's so exciting. We went from being nobodies to being on American Idol together, and now starting our families [at the same time]."

"Big Brother 10" Spoilers: Libra Evicted, Renny the New HoH

On tonight's live eviction episode of "Big Brother 10" 32 year old Human Resources Rep Libra was evicted and became the first member of the 7 person jury. After a week of campaigning to stay in the house Libra couldn't convince her fellow housemates to keep her and was unanimously voted out 6-0. After her eviction the HoH comp began and consisted of guessing quotes said in the diary room by evicted houseguests. If you got the question right you could eliminate any other contestant. The alliance of April, Jerry and Ollie were the first three out followed by Memphis and Dan, who got the questions wrong. The final two were Keesha and Renny, and with Renny's correct answer a new HoH was crowned.

Who Renny will nominate is not yet clear. She seems to be bonding with Michelle and is also close to Keesha and Dan. I would venture to guess she is leaning toward nominating April and Jerry. We will find out for sure when the nomination ceremony is held tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Craig is "The Mole", Mark is the Winner

On Monday night's finale of "The Mole" Craig Slike was revealed to be the mole, a prediction I made after the first episode. Mark Lambrect beat Nicole Williams to win the game and the $420,000. On the finale, it was also revealed that Mark was narrowly executed numerous times, but always had a faster time than his opponents. On the last quiz Mark answered 17 out of 20 questions correct, with Nicole only getting 13 out of 20. The only contestant to know that Craig was the mole from the beginning was Paul, but Nicole beat him on the second to last quiz.

I'm happy that Mark won, he definitely gave it his all the entire time. Apparently, not too many people cared though as the finale was watched by only 2.97 million people, whereas the premiere had almost 2 million more viewers. Although it did finish against the Olympics, which was watched by 33 million people. In any case, less than 3 million is still terrible even by summer standards. All we can do is keep our fingers crossed, and hope someone will make a "Mole 6".

Monday, August 11, 2008

Who is "The Mole"? Find Out Tonight on the Season Finale of "The Mole"

Tonight is the fifth season...and most likely series finale of "The Mole". After a long break "The Mole" returned to mixed reviews and low ratings in June. While some may critique the fact that this season isn't as good as the first two because of no Anderson Cooper and lamer challenges, I have to say I felt this season was very entertaining and I will miss it, as I'm pretty sure we won't see any more "Mole"s.

Tonight we will finally find out who is the loser, the winner and "The Mole". I'm going to stick with the prediction I made after the first episode and say the mole is probably Craig. He seems like an actor to me and has quietly sabotaged a lot of missions. Nicole is trying too hard to seem like the mole, but I could be wrong. As for Mark, if he is the mole he may be the greatest actor in the world and should win an Oscar. Let's hope someone at ABC or any network for that matter brings back "The Mole" someday, although I wouldn't count on it.

Who do you think is "The Mole"? Share your predictions by leaving a comment!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

"Big Brother 10" Spoilers: Jerry Wins PoV

Only minutes ago the "Big Brother 10" feeds came back after the Power of Veto competition. Once again Jerry won it. The comp somehow involved onions and Memphis is wearing an onion lei around his neck. It seems Jerry will not use it and thus Libra is most likely going home. But we won't know for sure until Monday during the PoV ceremony. Then the nominees will need to start campaigning because another houseguest will be leaving on Thursday.

"Big Brother 10" Spoilers: Michelle Nominates Libra and Keesha

Yesterday in the "Big Brother" house HoH Michelle nominated Libra and Keesha for eviction. Michelle has made it clear that her main target is Libra and she felt putting up Keesha against her was the best bet to get her out. The Power of Veto competition will take place today and Libra desperately needs it. Also yesterday the houseguests competed in a food comp which pitted them against 10 former BBers, one from each season. I believe they are on slop five of the seven days this week and today may be a feast day. Everything could change after the PoV and I'll give you the results as soon as they come in.

Iliza Shlesinger Wins "Last Comic Standing"

On yesterday's season finale of "Last Comic Standing" Iliza Shlesinger became the first female comedian to win the title. She beat Marcus, who came in second. Jeff Dye, Jim Tavare and Louis Ramey rounded out the top five. The 90 minute finale was padded with mediocre comedy by Jon Lovitz, Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, "The Soup" host Joel McHale and last years winner Jon Reep.

While this season's crop of comedians was better than in years past, I felt this season lacked something, maybe because of the rushed feeling of having 12 comedians whittled down to one in only five weeks. The shortened season, probably due to the Olympics, never really let us get to know any of the comics that well. That and the fact that this season's funniest comedian, Toronto's Sean Cullen, didn't make it to the final five.

Friday, August 8, 2008

"American Idol"s Clay Aiken is a Father

"American Idol" season two runner-up Clay Aiken is officially a dad. The demon was born today 8-8-08 at 8:08 am, which I'm pretty sure is a sign of the apocalypse. Jaymes Foster, Clay's friend, gave birth to Parker Foster Aiken, which sounds like a law firm but is actually a 6 pound 8 ounce baby boy. Clay artificially inseminated Jaymes, who is 50 years old and sister to record producer David Foster. Clay posted on his website: "The little man is healthy, happy, and as loud as his daddy. Mama Jaymes is doing quite well also." He also said they plan on raising the baby together.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

"Big Brother 10" Spoilers: Jessie Evicted, Michelle Wins HoH

Tonight on "Big Brother 10" the house fractured into two groups as our vote to evict Jessie sent shock waves through the house. Keesha, Libra and Renny decided to go against HoH April's wishes to evict Memphis. They needed one more vote for their mutiny to take effect and America's Player Dan was that vote. Jessie was then voted out 4-3. The pressure was on for the HoH competition and Michelle beat Libra on the final question. When the feeds clicked in the fighting commenced with Michelle, Libra and Jerry being the most vocal. It should be a pretty tense night in the BB House, so if you have the feeds or Showtime Too, what are you waiting for? As Michelle said "Game On!"

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Who will win "Last Comic Standing"?

The sixth-season finale of "Last Comic Standing" will air this Thursday at 8pm est. On last week's penultimate episode the final five were revealed after cutting Ron G, Adam Hunter and Sean Cullen, my favorite comedian of the season. The final five comedians were Jeff Dye, Jim Tavare, Louis Ramey, Marcus and Iliza Shlesinger. My money's on Jeff Dye, as I think he has the widest fan base and relatable material. However, it could be anyone's game although Jim Tavare is a distant fifth to me. The winner will receive $250,000, a new Honda Pilot, a talent deal with NBC and a starring role in Jubilee! at Bally's Las Vegas. Also on the finale will be special appearances by Triumph the Insult Comic Dog and "The Soup"s Joel McHale as well as stand up by Jon Lovitz and last season's winner Jon Reep.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

"Big Brother 10" Spoilers: Jerry Wins PoV

The late night PoV competition ended around 5:45 am est and Jerry won it, but has to be on slop all week. Apparently it was a competition where you won things or had to give up things. I'm still piecing together all the info, but here's what I know so far....

Memphis: Won a slop pass, and put Jerry on slop
Michelle: Has to wear the red unitard for a week
Libra: Won a trip to Hawaii, April gave her $1,000
April: Won $10,000 but gave $4,000 to Jerry and $1,000 to Libra
Jessie: Won a letter from home
Jerry: Won PoV, April gave him $4,000 and Memphis put him on slop for a week.
Renny hosted.

Friday, August 1, 2008

"Big Brother 10" Spoilers: April Nominates Jessie and Memphis

This just in...the nomination ceremony is over and April nominated Jessie and Memphis. Both nominees seem to have taken the news pretty well, no screaming or fighting. April wants Memphis gone and is trying to convince her alliance to vote him out. Keesha is adament that Memphis not leave this week and is pondering whether to go against the group and vote out Jessie. Dan's America's Player assignment was to get Jessie nominated, which he accomplished. There was no food competition because Sunday's show will be too busy showing the rest of the Endurance HoH. The PoV competition will probably have something to do with field hockey, as the houseguests have been practicing that. Also, it will take place tonight in the wee hours of the morning. I'll have the results as soon as they're available.

Shayne says Matt couldn't take her lifestyle

Shayne Lamas says that her Hollywood lifestyle was the cause of her breakup with "Bachelor" Matt Grant. In an interview with US Weekly Shayne says "We tried to make our lives work together, and we realized they don't. Matt and I's relationship was on blast from the beginning, and that's one thing that ripped us apart. I'm used to the Hollywood BS, but it really got into Matt's head. We remain very close friends. Nothing bad happened between us. We talk every day."

"Big Brother 10" Spoilers: Angie Evicted, April Wins Endurance HoH

On last night's episode of "Big Brother 10" Pharmaceutical Sales Rep Angie was evicted by a unanimous vote of 8-0. Then, as predicted Dan was revealed to be America's Player, as he received the most viewer votes. He accepted the one week task and we will soon see how he does on his first assignment: trying to get the houseguest we choose nominated.

Then, the first endurance competition of the season began, with the houseguests balancing on a ledge on the side of a wall. Soon, the wall shook and wind starting blowing in their faces. When the episode ended, the feeds clicked back in and Jerry was the first one out after about 20 minutes. Then Libra fell followed by Dan, Ollie, Jessie, Memphis and then Renny. 2 hours and 45 minutes into the challenge it was down to Michelle and April. Michelle started hurting and asked April to promise not to put up her or Jessie, to which April agreed. Michelle bowed out of the HoH, thus giving April the power. Will April keep her promise to Michelle and does that spell trouble for Memphis? We'll find out today when April makes her nominations.