Saturday, August 2, 2008

"Big Brother 10" Spoilers: Jerry Wins PoV

The late night PoV competition ended around 5:45 am est and Jerry won it, but has to be on slop all week. Apparently it was a competition where you won things or had to give up things. I'm still piecing together all the info, but here's what I know so far....

Memphis: Won a slop pass, and put Jerry on slop
Michelle: Has to wear the red unitard for a week
Libra: Won a trip to Hawaii, April gave her $1,000
April: Won $10,000 but gave $4,000 to Jerry and $1,000 to Libra
Jessie: Won a letter from home
Jerry: Won PoV, April gave him $4,000 and Memphis put him on slop for a week.
Renny hosted.

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