Thursday, August 7, 2008

"Big Brother 10" Spoilers: Jessie Evicted, Michelle Wins HoH

Tonight on "Big Brother 10" the house fractured into two groups as our vote to evict Jessie sent shock waves through the house. Keesha, Libra and Renny decided to go against HoH April's wishes to evict Memphis. They needed one more vote for their mutiny to take effect and America's Player Dan was that vote. Jessie was then voted out 4-3. The pressure was on for the HoH competition and Michelle beat Libra on the final question. When the feeds clicked in the fighting commenced with Michelle, Libra and Jerry being the most vocal. It should be a pretty tense night in the BB House, so if you have the feeds or Showtime Too, what are you waiting for? As Michelle said "Game On!"

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