Thursday, August 28, 2008

"Big Brother 10" Spoilers: Michelle and Ollie Evicted in a Double Elimination

The live eviction episode of "Big Brother 10" just ended and Michelle and Ollie were the double elimination victims. The episode began with the aftermath of the veto meeting. CBS heavily edited Ollie's blow-up, even changing a curse filled tirade toward Memphis into "Red headed cabbage patch kid". Speaking as a redhead, I'm more offended by that then his real words. Minutes later we rejoined the houseguests live, and Michelle was unsurprisingly evicted 3-1 receiving one sole vote from Ollie.

The HoH comp then started and consisted of the headlines we answered on the CBS website. After seven questions it was down to Keesha and Jerry in a tie. They both answered the same on the first tiebreaker, but Keesha pulled out the win on the second. She then nominated Ollie and Jerry for eviction, shocking nobody. Then the lame-ass PoV competition started, in which the houseguests dug through hay in search of two veto symbols. Dan won after what seemed like 14 seconds. He, of course, didn't use the veto and Ollie was unanimously evicted. He stormed out of the house in what Julie called "the quickest exit in Big Brother history".

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