Saturday, August 9, 2008

Iliza Shlesinger Wins "Last Comic Standing"

On yesterday's season finale of "Last Comic Standing" Iliza Shlesinger became the first female comedian to win the title. She beat Marcus, who came in second. Jeff Dye, Jim Tavare and Louis Ramey rounded out the top five. The 90 minute finale was padded with mediocre comedy by Jon Lovitz, Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, "The Soup" host Joel McHale and last years winner Jon Reep.

While this season's crop of comedians was better than in years past, I felt this season lacked something, maybe because of the rushed feeling of having 12 comedians whittled down to one in only five weeks. The shortened season, probably due to the Olympics, never really let us get to know any of the comics that well. That and the fact that this season's funniest comedian, Toronto's Sean Cullen, didn't make it to the final five.


Brian. said...

I thought Sean was hilarious as well, but I disagree that these comedians were better than previous years.

A handful of last's years comedians could have won this year.

Iliza was a joke but not in the funny way. It was more of an embarrassment than anything.

You may hate me for saying this, but I think she won because it was 1 girl against 4 other guys so there were enough people that wanted to vote for the girl that it actually helped her win. If it came to one on one, I think she might have lost to almost any of the other 4 who didn't win.

Think of how in American idol when there is one of any gender left against 3-4 others, that gender always seems to squeeze through regardless of talent.

Graboid said...

I completely agree. This season's rushed format not only made it less fun to watch, but also screwed some of the funnier guys like Sean, Jeff Dye and Louis Ramey.

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