Monday, August 11, 2008

Who is "The Mole"? Find Out Tonight on the Season Finale of "The Mole"

Tonight is the fifth season...and most likely series finale of "The Mole". After a long break "The Mole" returned to mixed reviews and low ratings in June. While some may critique the fact that this season isn't as good as the first two because of no Anderson Cooper and lamer challenges, I have to say I felt this season was very entertaining and I will miss it, as I'm pretty sure we won't see any more "Mole"s.

Tonight we will finally find out who is the loser, the winner and "The Mole". I'm going to stick with the prediction I made after the first episode and say the mole is probably Craig. He seems like an actor to me and has quietly sabotaged a lot of missions. Nicole is trying too hard to seem like the mole, but I could be wrong. As for Mark, if he is the mole he may be the greatest actor in the world and should win an Oscar. Let's hope someone at ABC or any network for that matter brings back "The Mole" someday, although I wouldn't count on it.

Who do you think is "The Mole"? Share your predictions by leaving a comment!

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