Monday, September 29, 2008

Married Beekeepers Anita & Arthur the First Eliminated from "The Amazing Race 13"

"The Amazing Race 13" premiered last night and married beekeepers Anita and Arthur were the first team eliminated. The episode began with all eleven teams starting the race at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. They were then told to fly to Salvador, Brazil on one of two flights. Once there they had to push snack carts around the city to receive their next clue. The detour was a choice between climbing up stairs on your hands and knees or climbing down a 240 foot cargo net. The only team to choose the stairs were frat guys Andrew and Dan. At the pit stop, brother and sister Nick and Starr Spangler were the first to arrive earning them a trip for two to Belize. Married beekeepers Anita and Arthur came in last and were the first eliminated.

While this season looks to be as good as all the rest, with teams you want to root for (the nerds) and teams you love to hate (the bickering couples), ratings were down 25% from last fall's premiere. 10.29 million viewers watched yesterdays show, compared to the 13.8 million who tuned in last year.

Unfortunately, CBS doesn't stream the episodes online like they do for "Survivor", but you can watch unseen clips from the show here!

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