Saturday, September 6, 2008

"Big Brother 10" Spoilers: Dan Wins Luxury Comp and Nominates Jerry and Memphis

The "Big Brother 10" houseguests awakened to quite a surprise this morning, when a gorilla barged into their rooms and instructed them to the backyard for a luxury competition. The backyard was filled with all kinds of stuff, including an elephant, a well, a blueberry, a diamond, a gymnast, a cracked egg, and a dog just to name a few. One by one the gorilla covered different objects, knocking out the items that weren't important. The final four had three guesses each to figure out a phrase using some of the items. Jerry used his guesses quickly, while the rest waited til more items were covered. The final two items were the the blueberry and the cracked egg with the word IT. Dan must have figured out that the answer was "Bury the Hatchet" because he was crowned the winner.

After it was revealed that the gorilla was really Jessie, Dan found out his prize. He told the others he won a trip to a private beach and was offered to go alone or bring one other houseguest. He said he decided to go alone, so as not to create animosity. However, some fans are speculating there is more to his prize than that, possibly even the chance to bring a jury member with him to the beach. Later in the day, Dan nominated Jerry and Memphis for eviction but that doesn't really matter because the last PoV decides it all. The final PoV comp will take place tonight around 1 am and I'll be one of the first sites to post who wins. All the houseguests' fates hang in the balance and we'll know who wins very soon!

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