Tuesday, September 9, 2008

"Big Brother 10" Spoilers: Keesha Evicted, Dan Wins Part 1 of the HoH

Last night in the "Big Brother" house, Keesha figured out that Memphis was going to evict her and on tonight's episode he did just that, voting her out instead of Jerry. Yesterday Keesha confronted Memphis and Dan telling them she knew they were planning to vote her out. After some hesitation, Memphis admitted he was booting her, while Dan played dumb acting like he didn't know what Memphis was going to do. Memphis and Keesha didn't speak all day, even when they were in HoH lockdown.

The live show featured Dan's trip with Michelle and the final veto comp followed by Memphis removing himself from the block. He then voted to evict Keesha and Dan whispered to her on her way out telling her about the luxury trip. Part 1 of the 3 part final HoH comp then got underway and consisted of the houseguests balancing on airplanes. When the feeds clicked on ten minutes later Jerry was already out of the competition, leaving only Dan and Memphis. Memphis dropped less than an hour later, crowning Dan the winner of part 1. Part two will take place tomorrow and will feature Memphis and Jerry going head to head to face Dan in part 3. Who will win part 2? Memphis or Jerry? We'll know tomorrow afternoon.