Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Dan Gheesling Wins "Big Brother 10"

On the season finale of "Big Brother 10", Dan Gheesling, the 25 year old Catholic school teacher from Dearborn, MI. became the first person ever to unanimously win the $500,000. During the final episode, the jurors questioned the final two and it seemed to be a split jury. Keesha and Renny held a grudge with Memphis, while Ollie and April were still pissed with Dan. When the questioning was over though, some jurors were swayed and ultimately voted for Dan. After the votes were locked, Julie Chen revealed that Dan was "America's Player" for one week. All the houseguests were then brought back for the big reveal and Dan won 7-0.

There was also a star-studded audience. If, by star-studded you mean former BB evictees. I spotted Bunky from BB2, Erika from BB4, James, Beau & Ashleigh from BB6, Nick, Jen & Zack from BB8 and Matty & Adam from BB9. At the end of the show Keesha won $25,000 for being voted "America's Favorite Juror", with Jerry coming in second. After more than two months "Big Brother" is going back into hibernation, but "BB11" will be here before you know it. Whether it comes back in the spring or next summer, I'll be reporting it here!
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