Friday, October 31, 2008

Ace and Dan Voted Off "Survivor: Gabon"

On tonight's "Survivor: Gabon" two castaways were voted off, Ace Gordon and Dan Kay. The episode began with the Reward challenge, a pretty lame game of tossing a ball between three players while a member of the opposing tribe tried to knock it to the ground. Unsurprisingly Kota won 3-0 and got a helicopter ride, a picnic and letters from home. Also unsurprisingly they sent Sugar to Exile for the fifth straight time. At the Immunity challenge the castaways were surprised to learn that both tribes would be going to tribal council and voting someone off. Thus, the challenge would be for individual immunity. In pairs of two the contestants had a logrolling competition that Marcus from Kota eventually won. After the challenge he was told to give immunity to any one member of the Fang tribe. He chose Sugar, because no one on the Kota tribe apparently knows anyone else's name on Fang. Back at camp, Ace asked Sugar to give him her hidden idol, which made her suspicious of his intentions. At Fang's tribal council Sugar decided to go with Kenny and Crystal and blindside Ace, voting him out. At Kota's tribal council Dan was seen as a bigger threat than Susie, so the tribe voted him out 4-3. The preview for next week showed that the two tribes are merging into one. Will Kota continue to stick together and pick off the
remaining Fang members?
Tune in next Thursday and watch!


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