Sunday, October 19, 2008

GC Voted Off "Survivor: Gabon"

On Thursday's "Survivor" Danny "GC" Brown became the fifth castaway voted off. The episode began with Sugar joining the Fang tribe after they had voted out Jacque last week. Next up was the reward challenge which consisted of tossing fruit through frames while members of the opposing tribe used sticks to try to knock it out of the air. The tribe with the most fruit would be declared the winner and receive an herb garden as well as all the tossed fruit. After weighing both piles, Kota beat Fang 18 lbs. to 16 lbs. They then decided to send Sugar to Exile for the third straight time. At the immunity challenge the tribes had to roll a giant wicker ball down a hill while a blindfolded castaway tried to stop it by listening to instructions. Ace and Dan were blindfolded and the game was close, but in the end Kota won yet again sending Fang to their fourth tribal council. At camp GC told the others he was ready to go home, but when some of the tribe found Sugar's hidden immunity idol they considered blindsiding her. Once at tribal council though, they respected GC's wishes and unanimously voted him out. Now only 13 people remain, who will be voted out next?
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