Sunday, October 12, 2008

Jacque Voted Off "Survivor 17: Gabon"

On Thursday another castaway was voted off "Survivor: Gabon" and this week it was 25 year old medical sales rep Jacque Berg. The episode began with the tribes being ordered to rank their tribe mates in order of importance. The top vote-getters, Marcus on Kota and Matty on Fang, were told to pick a member of the opposite tribe, thus signaling a reshuffle. Once all the contestants were picked only Sugar remained, and she was forced to go to Exile and then join whichever group voted someone off. Since she already had the immunity idol she chose comfort instead of a clue. The new tribes then competed in the immunity challenge, which was a lacrosse like game played in the water. Each castaway had a raft and a paddle and had to score three goals to win. The new Kota tribe dominated beating Fang 3-0. At tribal council the original Fang members (Matty, Crystal, GC and Ken) decided to keep Kelly, a weaker player and instead voted off Jacque, who they thought was more of a threat.

If you missed the episode, you can watch it here!

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