Monday, October 20, 2008

"Southern Belles" Marisa and Brooke Eliminated from "The Amazing Race 13"

Tonight on "Amazing Race 13" best friends Marisa and Brooke were the fourth team eliminated from the game. The show started with the eight remaining teams leaving La Paz, Bolivia and flying to Auckland, New Zealand. Once they landed they made their way to Gulf Harbor and had to untie a large knot to receive their next clue. Also in the knot were instructions for the first Fast Forward of the race, which required a team to climb the mast of the Sky Tower. Ken & Tina beat Andrew & Dan to it and completed the scary climb which let them board a helicopter straight to the Pit Stop. The rest of the teams were instructed to Mount Eden where they had a Roadblock awaiting them. One member had to correctly match a tattoo on a Maori warrior's face with one on their clue. They then made their way to City Life Hotel where they had to use binoculars to spot one of eight gnomes hidden around the city. On each gnome were directions to Kiwi 360, a landmark of a giant kiwi. The final challenge was the Detour, a choice between crushing 12 quarts worth of kiwi juice using your feet or riding a Blokart three laps around a track. Multiple teams chose the kiwi stomping but switched because it was too hard. During the Blokart racing, Starr fell off and hurt her arm but managed to make it to the Pit Stop. Marisa and Brooke were not so lucky as they came in last and were eliminated. Only seven teams remain, who will be eliminated next?

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