Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Brooke Burke Wins "Dancing with the Stars 7"

Last night Brooke Burke beat Lance Bass and Warren Sapp to become the winner of "Dancing with the Stars" season seven. The 2 hour season finale saw the return of all thirteen stars from this season as well as performances by Miley Cyrus and Alicia Keyes. During the show the final three performed one last time, each dancing their favorite routine of the whole season. Brooke got a perfect 30 for her Viennese Waltz, Lance got a 28 for his jitterbug and Warren received a 27 for his hustle. When those scores were combined with the viewer votes, Brooke Burke was unsurprisingly crowned the winner. Warren came in second, and Lance in third. This season may have just ended but don't worry, a new season with a whole batch of new stars is only months away because season eight starts in March!

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