Friday, November 14, 2008

Charlie Herschel Voted Off "Survivor: Gabon"

On yesterday's "Survivor: Gabon" Charlie Herschel was the latest victim of a blindside. The episode started with the castaways competing in a reward challenge, a simple game of golf with a twist. The two tribes used slingshots instead of golf clubs and competed in a best of three game. While Fang had some communication problems they still pulled out a win, earning them a trip to a Gabon tribal festival. They also sent Bob to Exile where he searched in vain for the idol. When the tribes met up for the immunity challenge they were surprised to learn it was time for a merge. The castaways then competed for individual immunity in a fire making challenge. Susie crushed the competition and won, making her safe. When the merged tribe returned to camp they made a new tribe flag and named themselves Nobag which is Gabon backwards. It soon became obvious that with four members in each alliance Sugar would be the swing vote. Ultimately she chose Kenny, Crystal, Matty and Susie & voted out Charlie, making him the second member of the jury. With only eight people left who will go home next?
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