Tuesday, November 11, 2008

"Divorcees" Kelly and Christy Eliminated from "The Amazing Race 13"

On yesterday's all new "Amazing Race 13" Kelly and Christy became the sixth team eliminated from the race. The episode began with all the couples being instructed to make their way to Deshbandhu Apartments where a Roadblock awaited them. The task had one member of the team search for a marked envelope while celebrators of the Holi Festival pelted them with powdered dye and water. Kelly had a lot of trouble with the challenge, causing them to drop from second to last place. When a teammate completed the task they were told to go to Charity Birds Hospital and search through the cages to find their next clue. That said clue was the Detour, a choice between following a series of power lines and keeping track of numbered markings along the way or transporting 40 pound bags of chili peppers a quarter mile and then grinding them into chili powder. The only team to choose the chili peppers was Terrence and Sarah. Before Ken and Tina could do the Detour however they had to perform a Speed Bump because they came in last on the non-elimination leg. Their task was to serve holy water to patrons of a temple. When the Detour was completed the teams traveled to the Pit Stop, Humayun's Tomb. Nick and Starr again arrived first and were awarded a trip to Kauai Hawaii. Kelly and Christy couldn't overcome their bad start and came in last, eliminating them from the game. With only five teams left who will win "The Amazing Race"?
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