Monday, December 1, 2008

"Mother & Son" Toni and Dallas Eliminated from "The Amazing Race 13"

On tonight's penultimate episode of "The Amazing Race 13" Toni and Dallas Imbimbo were the eighth team eliminated from the race. The show began with the four remaining teams leaving the Pit Stop in Moscow and traveling to a nuclear submarine where an actor from The Hunt for Red October would give them a clue. That clue instructed them to Fallen Monument Park and a Roadblock. The task was for one teammate to count the number of Stalin and Lenin statues and then go to a bookstore and tell the owner that number. If they were correct the owner would give them a book containing their next destination. Nick sped ahead, while Dallas made a huge mistake and left his passport and all their money in a cab. Once the task was done the teams had to travel to Sokol'niky Park where a woman awaited with a Shetland pony and a Detour. The choice was between traveling the Moscow trolleybus or navigating the Moscow metro system. But before Dan and Andrew could go further they had to perform their Speed Bump, which was performing a traditional Russian dance. Without money Toni and Dallas had to beg locals and continued to fall more and more behind. Nick and Starr completed the Detour and were told to go to the Pit Stop, VDNKh Park where they arrived first and won a trip for two to Anguilla. Dan and Andrew arrived second and after some trouble finding the clue Ken and Tina eventually came in third. Phil then went to Toni and Dallas, who were still performing their task, and informed them they were eliminated. Next week the final three race to the finish line! Who will win? Nick and Starr? Ken and Tina? Andrew and Dan? Find out Sunday on the season finale!

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