Thursday, November 6, 2008

Nathan Thomas Wins "Top Design 2"

Last night on the season finale of "Top Design 2" Nathan Thomas won and was awarded $100,000 and a spread in Elle Decor. Preston and Ondine were the runner-ups. The final challenge had the three finalists finishing decorating the condominiums they started in last week's episode. The designers also received help from former contestants Eddie, Natalie and Andrea. When the work was finished the judges viewed all three houses before deliberating on a winner. While they liked all three they eventually chose Nathan's as the best.

I have to say, this show turned into quite a surprise for me. I was entertained week after week. Bravo did a good job with the editing and pace of the show and they cast likable, talented contestants. I'm also glad Nathan won, as I thought he was consistently good throughout the season. Hopefully Bravo realizes they have a quality show on their hands and bring it back soon.
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