Saturday, November 22, 2008

Randy Bailey Voted Off "Survivor: Gabon"

On last night's new "Survivor: Gabon" Randy Bailey found out a fake immunity idol couldn't save him and he was voted off. The show began with the traditional "Survivor Auction" where each castaway was given $500 and the opportunity to bid on luxury items. Randy won beer & peanuts, Sugar won peanut butter & chocolate, Susie won a bath & clean clothes, Kenny won the ability to send someone to Exile and Corrine spent her entire $500 on an advantage in the immunity challenge. Kenny decided to send Bob back to Exile knowing he wouldn't find the idol. At the immunity challenge Corrine learned her advantage was that she could sit out part one of the challenge and go straight to part two. The rest of the tribe competed in part one, a race across balance beams, and Matty & Kenny won. Those two then faced Corrine in part two, where each contestant had to arrange domino-like pieces while avoiding trip wires. The first person to successfully have their pieces fall like dominoes would win immunity. It was a close game, but ultimately Kenny won. Back at camp Sugar approached Bob about giving his fake idol to Randy so he would use it and make a fool of himself. Hoping it would prolong his stay in the game Bob agreed and gave Randy the fake idol. At tribal council Randy and Corrine were shocked when Jeff tossed the idol into the fire, revealing it was fake. The votes were then tallied and Randy was voted out. Can anything break up the powerful alliance of Kenny, Crystal, Sugar, Matty and Susie? Keep watching to find out!

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