Monday, November 17, 2008

Terrence and Sarah Eliminated from "Amazing Race 13"

On tonight's all new "Amazing Race 13" newly dating couple Terrence and Sarah were eliminated from the game. The show began with the remaining five teams traveling from Old Delhi, India to Almaty, Kazakhstan. While the teams took different flights to Almaty they all regrouped at the Al Agro Chicken Factory and had to wait til it opened at 7:30. Once inside the teams faced a Roadblock. One person had to search among 30,000 chickens for a golden egg. There was also the choice of a Fast Forward. Nick and Starr & Terrence and Sarah both raced for it and when they arrived they were told to eat a Kazakh delicacy, fat from the rear end of a sheep. Nick and Starr ate faster so Terrence and Sarah gave up, a move that ultimately cost them the game. After completing the Roadblock the teams traveled to Kok Tobe arch and found a Detour. The teams chose between playing a folk song for locals, earning $1.50 in tips or traveling around in a two person cow costume. All of the teams chose the cow costume. Arriving first at the Pit Stop, Old Square, were Nick and Starr and they were awarded two wave runners. Even though Andrew and Dan broke the rules and had to redo part of the task, Terrence and Sarah still couldn't catch up and they arrived last, eliminating them from the game.

CBS finally decided to post full episodes online, so if you missed tonight's episode or any previous episode you can watch them here!
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