Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Bob Crowley Wins "Survivor: Gabon"

On Sunday night's season finale of "Survivor: Gabon" 57 year old Physics Teacher Bob Crowley became the oldest person to win the $1 million. The finale started with the second to last Immunity Challenge, which had the final five racing through a maze containing 25 huts, three of which had a bag of puzzle pieces. Once each contestant had all three bags they would bring them to the finish line and construct a replica of a Gabonese hut. While Sugar started out strong Bob eventually overtook her at building the hut and he won his third immunity in a row. With Bob safe Sugar, Susie and Matty stuck together and voted off Kenny. The next day the final four paid tribute to the fourteen castaways that were voted out before taking part in the final Immunity Challenge. The task was to build a house of cards using 200 wooden tiles. The first person to reach ten feet, or the tallest after thirty minutes, would win a spot in the finals. After many crashes Susie reached eight feet, stopped building and held her lead after a half an hour. With Susie now safe Sugar was torn over voting out Bob or voting for Matty and forcing a tie. At tribal council Sugar made what may be the dumbest move this season and voted for Matty forcing a fire making tie-breaker. Bob's earlier practicing paid off as he easily beat Matty and joined Sugar and Susie in the final three. On their last day in Gabon the final three burned down their camp before proceeding to tribal council where the jury of seven grilled them about why they should win the game. After everyone got to speak the jury cast their votes and we joined Jeff live in Los Angeles. It was then revealed that by a vote of 4-3 Bob beat Susie and officially won "Survivor: Gabon". Charlie, Marcus, Corinne and Randy voted for Bob. Crystal, Kenny and Matty voted for Susie. Sugar received no votes.

During the live reunion show Bob was also awarded $100,000 for being voted "Player of the Game" by the fans. Jeff also revealed that the upcoming eighteenth season will take place in Brazil and be called "Survivor: Tocantins - The Brazilian Highlands". It will debut February 12th and when more info about next season is announced you'll be sure to find it right here!

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