Friday, December 5, 2008

Corinne Kaplan Voted Off "Survivor: Gabon"

Tonight on "Survivor: Gabon" Corinne Kaplan became the twelfth castaway voted out of the game. The episode began with the Reward Challenge, which had the castaways split into two teams of three leaving Corinne sitting out. The teams then raced through a swamp retrieving seven sprocket puzzle pieces. Then they arranged the pieces so they would turn, raising a flag. The team of Bob, Sugar and Crystal won and those three faced off in part two, a slide puzzle which Bob easily won. He was awarded brownies, pizza, beer and a video message from home. While viewing his video Bob was shocked when his wife showed up in person. After their meal Bob and his wife went back to camp where Bob surprised all the castaways with their loved ones too. During the visit with the loved ones Matty proposed to his girlfriend and she accepted. Once the loved ones left the strategizing began. Bob made another fake idol and told Corinne that if he won immunity she should try and convince the others that she had the idol that was supposedly thrown in the ocean during the feast. At the Immunity Challenge the castaways had to answer questions about Gabon. For every correct answer you would get a ball, which would be used to throw down a hill toward a giant target. Bob's ball landed closest to the center so he won immunity. Now safe Bob put his plan into effect and approached Kenny and Crystal about getting rid of Matty since Corinne has an idol. Kenny liked the idea but told Crystal not to do it, so Corinne would still leave if she was lying. Corinne, of course, was lying and she went home by a vote of 4-3. What will the tribe think of Kenny's switch? Will they target him next? Tune in next Thursday to find out!

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