Saturday, December 13, 2008

Crystal Cox Voted Off "Survivor: Gabon"

After 36 days in Gabon Crystal Cox, the 29-year old Olympian became the thirteenth person voted off the show. The episode began with the castaways returning to camp from tribal council and Kenny approaching Bob about lying about the hidden idol. Bob, feeling bad about tricking Kenny, promised that if he won immunity he would give it to Kenny. The next day the survivors took part in the Reward Challenge, which essentially was an obstacle course and shooting hoops. Bob was the first person to sink three baskets, giving him the win. His reward was a trip to a gorilla sanctuary along with a meal, a shower and a bed to sleep on. He also got to pick two people to go with him, so he chose Kenny and Crystal. Additionally he also sent someone to Exile and he chose Susie. After the fun of the reward, Matty and Crystal got into an argument and as Sugar overheard it she started to change her opinion about Crystal and Kenny. Feeling like they were becoming bullies Sugar warned Bob not to give up his immunity if he won it. At that Immunity Challenge the survivors were blindfolded and had to traverse an obstacle course and recreate a Gabonese mask using only their hands. Bob spent extra time studying the original mask, a tactic that paid off as he won his fourth challenge in a row. At camp Sugar reassured Bob she was not voting for him and they should stick together and vote out Crystal. At tribal council Bob took Sugars' advice and didn't give Kenny his immunity even though Kenny asked for it. After the votes were cast Sugar gave her idol to Matty to ensure he would be safe. It didn't matter though because Bob, Matty and Susie all turned on Crystal and she was voted off. Is Kenny now dead man walking? Can Bob win his way to the finals? We'll find out all that as well as who wins the $1 million on Sunday's 3 hour season finale!

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