Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Danny Gagnon Eliminated from "Top Chef 5"

On the latest episode of "Top Chef: New York" Danny Gagnon became the show's sixth casualty. The episode began with a challenge called "Identify that Ingredient". All the chefs faced off against each other and had to name ingredients to different dishes. After numerous rounds Hosea was declared the winner and received immunity. Next up was the Elimination Challenge,which was preparing a bridal shower for judge Gail Simmons. The chefs were divided into four teams of three and each team had a theme - Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed and Something Blue. After preparing and cooking the food they presented it to Gail and all her friends. At the elimination Ariane of Team Borrowed was crowned the winner while Carla, Danny and Eugene of Team New were the bottom three. While Tom thought all three should be eliminated, the judges decided it was Danny's time to go. With only eleven contestants left, who will be eliminated next?