Sunday, December 21, 2008

Midseason 2009 Reality TV Premieres

A new year means new Reality TV show premieres. Don't know when your favorite shows start this winter and spring? Here's your handy guide for all the new and returning Reality shows. Bookmark this list and check back often for up to date info!

January 4th "Superstars of Dance" Mondays 8pm NBC

January 5th "The Bachelor 13" Mondays 8pm ABC

January 5th "True Beauty" Mondays 10pm ABC

January 6th "The Biggest Loser: Couples" Tuesdays 8pm NBC

January 7th "13: Fear is Real" Wednesdays 8pm CW

January 13th "American Idol 8" Tuesdays & Wednesdays 8pm FOX

January 17th "Solitary 3.0" Saturdays 9pm FOX Reality

January 26th "I Love Money 2" Mondays 9pm VH1

January 29th "Hell's Kitchen 5" Thursdays 9pm FOX

February 12th "Survivor 18: Tocantins - The Brazilian Highlands" Thursdays 8pm CBS

February 15th "The Amazing Race 14" Sundays 8pm CBS

March 1st "Celebrity Apprentice 2" Sundays 9pm NBC

March 4th "America's Next Top Model 12" Wednesdays 8pm CW

March 4th "Make Me A Supermodel 2" Wednesdays 10pm Bravo

March 9th "Dancing with the Stars 8" Mondays 8pm & Tuesdays 9pm ABC

March 11th "The Chopping Block" Wednesdays 8pm NBC

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Bob Crowley Wins "Survivor: Gabon"

On Sunday night's season finale of "Survivor: Gabon" 57 year old Physics Teacher Bob Crowley became the oldest person to win the $1 million. The finale started with the second to last Immunity Challenge, which had the final five racing through a maze containing 25 huts, three of which had a bag of puzzle pieces. Once each contestant had all three bags they would bring them to the finish line and construct a replica of a Gabonese hut. While Sugar started out strong Bob eventually overtook her at building the hut and he won his third immunity in a row. With Bob safe Sugar, Susie and Matty stuck together and voted off Kenny. The next day the final four paid tribute to the fourteen castaways that were voted out before taking part in the final Immunity Challenge. The task was to build a house of cards using 200 wooden tiles. The first person to reach ten feet, or the tallest after thirty minutes, would win a spot in the finals. After many crashes Susie reached eight feet, stopped building and held her lead after a half an hour. With Susie now safe Sugar was torn over voting out Bob or voting for Matty and forcing a tie. At tribal council Sugar made what may be the dumbest move this season and voted for Matty forcing a fire making tie-breaker. Bob's earlier practicing paid off as he easily beat Matty and joined Sugar and Susie in the final three. On their last day in Gabon the final three burned down their camp before proceeding to tribal council where the jury of seven grilled them about why they should win the game. After everyone got to speak the jury cast their votes and we joined Jeff live in Los Angeles. It was then revealed that by a vote of 4-3 Bob beat Susie and officially won "Survivor: Gabon". Charlie, Marcus, Corinne and Randy voted for Bob. Crystal, Kenny and Matty voted for Susie. Sugar received no votes.

During the live reunion show Bob was also awarded $100,000 for being voted "Player of the Game" by the fans. Jeff also revealed that the upcoming eighteenth season will take place in Brazil and be called "Survivor: Tocantins - The Brazilian Highlands". It will debut February 12th and when more info about next season is announced you'll be sure to find it right here!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Danny Gagnon Eliminated from "Top Chef 5"

On the latest episode of "Top Chef: New York" Danny Gagnon became the show's sixth casualty. The episode began with a challenge called "Identify that Ingredient". All the chefs faced off against each other and had to name ingredients to different dishes. After numerous rounds Hosea was declared the winner and received immunity. Next up was the Elimination Challenge,which was preparing a bridal shower for judge Gail Simmons. The chefs were divided into four teams of three and each team had a theme - Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed and Something Blue. After preparing and cooking the food they presented it to Gail and all her friends. At the elimination Ariane of Team Borrowed was crowned the winner while Carla, Danny and Eugene of Team New were the bottom three. While Tom thought all three should be eliminated, the judges decided it was Danny's time to go. With only eleven contestants left, who will be eliminated next?

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Crystal Cox Voted Off "Survivor: Gabon"

After 36 days in Gabon Crystal Cox, the 29-year old Olympian became the thirteenth person voted off the show. The episode began with the castaways returning to camp from tribal council and Kenny approaching Bob about lying about the hidden idol. Bob, feeling bad about tricking Kenny, promised that if he won immunity he would give it to Kenny. The next day the survivors took part in the Reward Challenge, which essentially was an obstacle course and shooting hoops. Bob was the first person to sink three baskets, giving him the win. His reward was a trip to a gorilla sanctuary along with a meal, a shower and a bed to sleep on. He also got to pick two people to go with him, so he chose Kenny and Crystal. Additionally he also sent someone to Exile and he chose Susie. After the fun of the reward, Matty and Crystal got into an argument and as Sugar overheard it she started to change her opinion about Crystal and Kenny. Feeling like they were becoming bullies Sugar warned Bob not to give up his immunity if he won it. At that Immunity Challenge the survivors were blindfolded and had to traverse an obstacle course and recreate a Gabonese mask using only their hands. Bob spent extra time studying the original mask, a tactic that paid off as he won his fourth challenge in a row. At camp Sugar reassured Bob she was not voting for him and they should stick together and vote out Crystal. At tribal council Bob took Sugars' advice and didn't give Kenny his immunity even though Kenny asked for it. After the votes were cast Sugar gave her idol to Matty to ensure he would be safe. It didn't matter though because Bob, Matty and Susie all turned on Crystal and she was voted off. Is Kenny now dead man walking? Can Bob win his way to the finals? We'll find out all that as well as who wins the $1 million on Sunday's 3 hour season finale!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

New "Bachelor" Jason Mesnick is Engaged

The new season of "The Bachelor" doesn't begin until January 5th, but the new star Jason Mesnick told People magazine "I'm engaged! I found exactly what I was hoping for, what I was looking for. I’m completely in love." Jason's proposal was rejected on the last season of "The Bachelorette" when DeAnna Pappas chose Jesse instead. Those two announced their breakup last month. "I was shocked. I thought they were going to make it" Jason said. The support of fans and his family convinced the 32-year old to try again at finding love. "I don’t want to be by myself. I’m ready for a relationship and a family. I was not looking for a mom. I was looking for a partner for me and a mentor and a friend to Ty. I just really believed this can happen to me. I cannot believe it’s this great!"

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

"Bachelorette" Trista and Ryan Having a Girl

Trista and Ryan Sutter, who met on the first season of "The Bachelorette", have revealed they've learned that their new baby will be a girl. "We found out a few weeks ago," Trista told In Touch. "It was such a fun surprise. We went to our last ultrasound appointment with Ryan's parents, my parents and [our 16-month-old son] Max and we were all in the room together when the doctor said, 'It's a girl'. Everyone got so teary-eyed and emotional." Trista and Ryan have already picked out a name for the new baby, but they plan to keep it secret until she's born in April.

Nick & Starr Spangler Win "Amazing Race 13"

On the season finale of "The Amazing Race 13" brother and sister Nick and Starr Spangler were crowned the winners of the race. The finale began with the final three teams flying from Moscow, Russia to their final destination Portland, Oregon. Once there they were instructed to Tilikum Children's camp where a Detour awaited. The choice was between climbing a 30 foot tree, walking across a beam and jumping off it or walking across 850 feet of floating logs. All three teams chose the tree climbing. When the task was complete each team had to travel to the Bridge of the Gods and take a zip line to their next task. Next up the teams had to solve a memory puzzle by finding a picture in one of 150 clue boxes that corresponded to an activity on each leg of the race. Ken & Tina and Nick & Starr were neck and neck but Nick & Starr finished first and took the lead. Their next clue instructed them to find a green dinosaur in a building across the street from the Portland Building. Once they found it they were told to go to a Russian food cart where a new clue consisted only of the phase: "the magic is in the hole". After asking locals the teams figured out they had to go to Voodoo Doughnuts where they received instructions to the finish line. After 23 days and almost 43,000 miles Nick and Starr crossed the finish line and won $1 million. Ken and Tina arrived second, while Andrew and Dan came in third.

In post-finale interviews Nick & Starr revealed that Ken & Tina were only about 11 minutes behind them, while Andrew and Dan were an hour and a half. Starr also confirmed she has been dating Dallas long distance since the show ended, about six months. In other good news, ratings were up a tad from last season with 10.5 million viewers tuning in compared to 9.7 million for last season's finale. And you don't have to wait long for season 14. It premieres February 15th!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Who Will Win "The Amazing Race 13"? Find Out in Tonight's Season Finale!

After ten legs "The Amazing Race 13" teams race for the finish line tonight at 8pm. Who will win the $1 million? Nick and Starr, the team with the most first place finishes? Ken and Tina, the team who made it back after almost being eliminated a few weeks ago? Or Andrew and Dan, the always bumbling frat guys who've had more lucky breaks than any other team? My money's on Nick and Starr. They've been consistently good and don't stress out too much. But what do I know? What do you think? Could Dandrew make the biggest comeback in "Amazing Race" history? Leave a comment and share your predictions!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

"Celebrity Apprentice 2" Premieres March 1st with Two Hour Episodes

NBC has announced that "Celebrity Apprentice 2" will premiere Sunday March 1st 2009 at 9pm and will air 2 hour episodes all season long. This season will feature 16 new celebs competing against one another and raising money for charity. NBC has officially announced the cast and I wrote about it here! This will be the first season the show has aired two hour episodes and it seems to have worked for "The Biggest Loser" so maybe it will work here too.

Friday, December 5, 2008

"Dancing with the Stars 8" Debuts March 9th

ABC has announced that the eighth season of "Dancing with the Stars" will premiere Monday March 9th 2009 at 8pm with a two hour episode. Once again each star will be given two shots at impressing the judges and the viewers. After the premiere the next episode will be the following Monday where each star will dance again. Then on Tuesday March 17th during the first results show, somebody will be eliminated. The full cast will be revealed in a couple months.

Corinne Kaplan Voted Off "Survivor: Gabon"

Tonight on "Survivor: Gabon" Corinne Kaplan became the twelfth castaway voted out of the game. The episode began with the Reward Challenge, which had the castaways split into two teams of three leaving Corinne sitting out. The teams then raced through a swamp retrieving seven sprocket puzzle pieces. Then they arranged the pieces so they would turn, raising a flag. The team of Bob, Sugar and Crystal won and those three faced off in part two, a slide puzzle which Bob easily won. He was awarded brownies, pizza, beer and a video message from home. While viewing his video Bob was shocked when his wife showed up in person. After their meal Bob and his wife went back to camp where Bob surprised all the castaways with their loved ones too. During the visit with the loved ones Matty proposed to his girlfriend and she accepted. Once the loved ones left the strategizing began. Bob made another fake idol and told Corinne that if he won immunity she should try and convince the others that she had the idol that was supposedly thrown in the ocean during the feast. At the Immunity Challenge the castaways had to answer questions about Gabon. For every correct answer you would get a ball, which would be used to throw down a hill toward a giant target. Bob's ball landed closest to the center so he won immunity. Now safe Bob put his plan into effect and approached Kenny and Crystal about getting rid of Matty since Corinne has an idol. Kenny liked the idea but told Crystal not to do it, so Corinne would still leave if she was lying. Corinne, of course, was lying and she went home by a vote of 4-3. What will the tribe think of Kenny's switch? Will they target him next? Tune in next Thursday to find out!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Alex Eusebio Eliminated from "Top Chef 5"

Tonight on "Top Chef: New York" 33-year old Alex Eusebio was the fifth chef eliminated. The show started with the chefs given thirty minutes to create a breakfast amuse-bouche, which is a bite sized hors d'oeuvre. Padma and guest judge Rocco DiSpirito evaluated all the dishes and awarded Leah the win and immunity. Next was the elimination challenge, which was preparing a dish that could be showcased in a live 2 and a half minute TV segment. The top three were Ariane, Fabio and Jeff. Those three were awoken the next day at 2am and taken to The Today Show where the hosts tasted all three dishes live and deemed Ariane the winner. Alex, Jamie and Melissa were not so lucky because they were the bottom three. The judge's didn't like that Alex chose creme brulee because it was impossible to make so quickly and he was eliminated. Twelve chefs remain, who will go home next?

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

"Amazing Race 14" Premieres February 15th

CBS has also announced that the fourteenth edition of "The Amazing Race" will debut Sunday February 15th 2009 at 8pm. This marks a return to airing two editions per season, like "Survivor" does. Being on after football and "60 Minutes" is helping the show so hopefully CBS keeps it there for a long time. When more info is revealed I'll post it as soon as possible!

"Survivor 18" Premieres February 12th

CBS has announced that the eighteenth season of "Survivor" will premiere Thursday, February 12th 2009 at 8pm. More information will be revealed, such as the location and cast members, once this season "Survivor: Gabon" ends on December 14th. During casting for next season producers lowered the minimum age from 21 to 18. As soon as more info is available Reality TV will have it!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Will Paula Abdul do "Dancing with the Stars"?

Rumors are swirling that "American Idol" judge Paula Abdul will be competing on this spring's eighth season of "Dancing with the Stars". "Paula is very excited to be on board" a source close to Abdul told Radar magazine. However, the news seems pretty unlikely considering both shows air live episodes on Tuesdays. Radar also reports that Abdul's future on "Idol" is "uncertain". As to whether she will be on "Dancing", we'll find out for sure when ABC releases the full cast in a couple months.

Monday, December 1, 2008

"Mother & Son" Toni and Dallas Eliminated from "The Amazing Race 13"

On tonight's penultimate episode of "The Amazing Race 13" Toni and Dallas Imbimbo were the eighth team eliminated from the race. The show began with the four remaining teams leaving the Pit Stop in Moscow and traveling to a nuclear submarine where an actor from The Hunt for Red October would give them a clue. That clue instructed them to Fallen Monument Park and a Roadblock. The task was for one teammate to count the number of Stalin and Lenin statues and then go to a bookstore and tell the owner that number. If they were correct the owner would give them a book containing their next destination. Nick sped ahead, while Dallas made a huge mistake and left his passport and all their money in a cab. Once the task was done the teams had to travel to Sokol'niky Park where a woman awaited with a Shetland pony and a Detour. The choice was between traveling the Moscow trolleybus or navigating the Moscow metro system. But before Dan and Andrew could go further they had to perform their Speed Bump, which was performing a traditional Russian dance. Without money Toni and Dallas had to beg locals and continued to fall more and more behind. Nick and Starr completed the Detour and were told to go to the Pit Stop, VDNKh Park where they arrived first and won a trip for two to Anguilla. Dan and Andrew arrived second and after some trouble finding the clue Ken and Tina eventually came in third. Phil then went to Toni and Dallas, who were still performing their task, and informed them they were eliminated. Next week the final three race to the finish line! Who will win? Nick and Starr? Ken and Tina? Andrew and Dan? Find out Sunday on the season finale!