Thursday, January 8, 2009

Jason Mesnick Eliminates Ten Bachelorettes. What Do You Think of "The Bachelor" So Far?

Monday night started a new season of "The Bachelor" and by the preview at the end it seems this will be one crazy season. The premiere started with the new "Bachelor" Jason Mesnick returning to the mansion where he met DeAnna Pappas last year. After a brief chat with host Chris Harrison the limos started to arrive with a new batch of psycho soul mates. And while this group had the requisite creepy stalker girl (Shannon) and crazy psychic chick (Renee and her "vision boards") most of the bachelorettes struck me as pretty forgettable. Only a select few seemed like they were ready to settle down with a single dad with a three year old son. And while the alcohol was flowing, there were no super crazy antics. That's not to say this season will be boring. The sneak peek at the end showed yelling, making out, a sobbing Jason and the return of DeAnna just to name a few things. I'm still up in the air over whether this will be a great season or a boring predictable one. What do you think? Did any girls stand out to you? Who's your early favorite? Leave a comment and share your thoughts!