Thursday, January 22, 2009

Radhika Desai Eliminated from "Top Chef 5"

On the latest episode of "Top Chef: New York" Radhika Desai became the tenth contestant eliminated from the competition. The show began with the announcement that it was time for the "Restaurant Wars". Padma introduced this episode's guest judge Stephen Starr and then the chefs were told they had to create a dish that represents what their restaurant would be like. Radhika and Leah were chosen as the top two and they became leaders of the two restaurants. After choosing teams the chefs got to work cooking and designing their restaurants. The diners and the judges showed up later and ate at both restaurants. While the decision was very close the judges ultimately chose Leah's team as the winner. At the elimination, team leader Radhika was chastised for not being a good hostess and was given the boot. Now only seven chefs remain. Who will be eliminated next?