Wednesday, February 11, 2009

"Bachelor" Jason Eliminates Naomi Crespo

After four action-packed hometown dates Jason gave roses to his final three ladies and gave the boot to 24 year old flight attendant Naomi Crespo. The show began with Jason departing for his first destination: British Columbia, Canada and his visit with Jillian and her family. After telling Jason about her mother's battle with depression, Jillian introduced him to her family and they had a relatively normal visit. Next Jason traveled to Grand Rapids, Michigan where he had another pretty normal visit with Molly's parents except for when Molly's mom forced Jason to draw a picture of Molly. Then it was off to Lake Elsinore, California for an anything but normal visit with Naomi's parents. Naomi's mom had a funeral for a dove she hit with her car and Naomi's dad took the opportunity to talk to Jason about Jesus. Finally, Jason traveled to Dallas, Texas for what he thought would be a visit with Melissa's parents. However her parents wouldn't go on camera, so he only got to see her friends. Back in Seattle at the Rose Ceremony Jason eliminated Naomi saying they were in "different places". With only three women left who will leave next?

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