Sunday, February 22, 2009

Candace Smith Voted off "Survivor Tocantins"

On Thursday's new "Survivor: Tocantins" Candace Smith became the second castaway voted off the show. The episode began with Taj revealing to her tribemates that she is married to former NFL player Eddie George. Later, a wary JT said it best: "I know I definitely need the million dollars more than Taj does". At the Immunity Challenge the tribes met in the rain at a lake with two basketball hoops at each end. Three people on each team faced off and fought for the ball. The first team to score three baskets would win immunity and fishing supplies. Timbira scored the first two points and looked like a lock to win immunity, but Jalapao came from behind and got three baskets in a row, earning them immunity. They also chose Brendan to go to Exile Island, however Jeff threw out a bombshell when he announced that Brendan now got to pick someone from the winning tribe to go with him. Brendan chose Taj and when the pair arrived at Exile they found two urns. They each picked one, but only Brendan's had a clue about the immunity idol. Also in the urn was a note saying he had the option to mutiny and switch tribes. While he didn't mutiny he did share the clue with Taj and they formed a secret alliance. That night at Timbira's tribal council Coach and Candace's fighting put the target on their backs and it was Candace who got the boot. Fourteen survivors remain, who will be voted out next?

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Anonymous said...

I hope it will the Coach to be voted off