Saturday, February 14, 2009

Carolina Eastwood the First Castaway Voted Off "Survivor 18: Tocantins"

On last night's season premiere of "Survivor 18: Tocantins" 26 year old bartender Carolina Eastwood became the first castaway voted off the show. The season began with the 16 contestants arriving in the Brazilian highlands via truck. They were already split into two tribes: Jalapao and Timbira and they could not talk to one another. Jeff then gave them one minute to scavenge as many supplies from the truck as they could. Afterward, they were told they had to vote one member of each tribe who would not make the journey with them. Thinking that person would be out of the game for good each tribe picked their weakest players, Sandy and Sierra. But Jeff surprised them all when he revealed that not only weren't they going home, but they would get a helicopter ride straight to camp. When they arrived Sandy and Sierra both got clues telling them they could start building their camp or get a hint about a hidden immunity idol. Sandy chose the hint, while Sierra started working. Four hours later the rest of the tribes finally made it to camp. After a day to get to know each other, the tribes competed in their first Immunity Challenge which had the survivors retrieving planks from a raft, assembling the planks onto a staircase and then completing a puzzle. While Jalapao got an early lead, Timbira was able to overtake them at the puzzle. At Tribal Council Jalapao unanimously decided to keep Sandy and instead vote out Carolina. Now 15 people remain, who will be voted off next?

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