Thursday, February 19, 2009

Fabio Viviani Eliminated from "Top Chef 5"

On Wednesday's penultimate episode of "Top Chef: New York" Fabio Viviani was sent home and the final three were revealed. The show began with the final four traveling to New Orleans and meeting celebrity chef Emeril Lagasse. Padma then tosses the chefs a curve ball by telling them they will not be competing in the Quickfire challenge. Instead the three most recently eliminated chefs - Jamie, Jeff and Leah - will have a chance to rejoin the competition. Those three had an hour to make a dish featuring crawfish. Emeril tasted all three and declared Jeff the winner. However, if Jeff didn't win the next challenge he would be going home. The five chefs were then told they were going to cater a masquerade ball at the New Orleans Museum of Art. They each had to make two dishes & a cocktail and one of the dishes had to be Creole. At the judges table it was revealed that Jeff didn't win so he was sent home but Carla did win and received a 2009 Toyota Venza. The judges also sent Fabio home leaving just Carla, Stefan and Hosea in the finals. Who will win? Find out in next weeks season finale!

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