Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Hosea Rosenberg Wins "Top Chef: New York"

On the season finale of "Top Chef: New York" 34 year old Hosea Rosenberg beat Stefan and Carla to win the grand prize. The finale started with Padma and Tom telling the final three that their last challenge would be to create the best three course meal of their lives. Their sous chefs were three previous runner ups from past seasons. After a day of prep the chefs were thrown a final twist. They also had to make an hors d'oeuvre using redfish, crab or alligator. When all the food was ready 12 judges tasted it including Padma, Tom, Gail, Rocco DiSpirito and recently eliminated chef Fabio. At the judge's table Hosea's venison triumphed over Stefan's squab and Hosea was crowned the winner of season five. Do you think Hosea deserved the win or was Stefan robbed? Leave a comment and share your thoughts.