Friday, February 27, 2009

Jerry Sims Voted Off "Survivor: Tocantins"

On yesterday's all new "Survivor: Tocantins" 49 year old Army sergeant Jerry Sims became the third castaway voted out of the game. The show started with Jerry revealing to his tribe that he had bad stomach pains. Still feeling uneasy he and the rest of his tribe met the competing tribe for the Reward Challenge. The tribes were blindfolded and using only one castaways voice to guide them, they had to navigate a maze and fill up two buckets - one with water and one with corn - raising a flag. Jalapao crushed Timbira filling both their buckets before Timbira even filled one. They were rewarded with blankets, pillows, an umbrella and a hammock. They also sent Brendan to Exile again and Brendan again picked Taj to go with him. At Exile Taj and Brendan decided to expand their alliance to include Stephen and Sierra. The next day the tribes met again for the Immunity Challenge, which consisted of pushing giant crates across a field and stacking them to form stairs. Jalapao climbed the stairs first, continuing their winning streak. The good fortune continued even further for Brendan, who used his clues to find the hidden immunity idol. Timbira, on the other hand, went to tribal council and decided unanimously to vote out Jerry. 13 people remain, who will leave next?

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