Tuesday, February 24, 2009

"Married Couple" Steve & Linda Cole Eliminated from "The Amazing Race 14"

On Sunday night's "The Amazing Race 14" married couple Steve and Linda Cole became the second pair eliminated from the show. The episode began with the ten teams leaving Switzerland and flying to Munich, Germany. When they arrived they drove to the town of Ruhpolding where they found a Roadblock. The task required one team member to paraglide down a 6,000 ft. mountain. However, if it was too windy the teams could instead take the one hour hike down the mountain. All the teams ended up hiking except for Mel, who waited for the wind to die down and completed the challenge. During the hike Linda got lost causing her and Steve to fall behind. When the task was done the teams were instructed to Schonau Am Konigssee where a Detour awaited them. The choice was between riding Segways over a two mile stunt course or throwing pies at your partner's face until you found one with cherry filling. When that was done some mechanical woodcutters would cut a piece of wood with the name of the Pit Stop - Schloss Hellbrunn - printed on it. Siblings Tammy and Victor arrived there first and each won a hybrid go-cart. Steve and Linda couldn't overcome their mistakes and they arrived last, eliminating them from the race. Now only nine teams remain, who will be eliminated next?

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