Friday, March 6, 2009

Andrew Dice Clay The First Person Fired From "Celebrity Apprentice 2"

Comedian Andrew Dice Clay became the first person fired on Sunday's season premiere of "Celebrity Apprentice 2". The season began with Donald Trump again splitting the 16 stars into teams of men vs. women. The women decided to name themselves Team Athena and nominated Joan Rivers as the first project manager. The men named themselves KOTU, short for Kings of the Universe, and picked Herschel Walker as project manager. Then, Donald told them that their first task was to create and sell cupcakes. Drama arose on both teams as Joan and Annie Duke clashed on the women's team and Andrew refused to bake cupcakes on the men's side. The next day they sold their cupcakes in Times Square calling upon celebrity friends like Tony Hawk and Eric Benet to help them. Later, Andrew and Melissa Rivers took their best cupcakes to a local bakery for a taste test that would give the winners an extra $15,000. In the Boardroom Donald revealed that the women won the taste test and earned more money in sales. Losing project manager Herschel chose Andrew and Dennis Rodman as the worst teammates and ultimately Andrew's quitter attitude made him the first one fired. Who will Donald fire next?

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