Monday, March 2, 2009

"Bachelor" Jason Dumps Melissa, Picks Molly

The season finale of "The Bachelor" just ended on the east coast and what an action-packed, shocking finale it was! After final dates with both Melissa and Molly, a torn Jason said goodbye to Molly and proposed to Melissa. But the fairy tale ending didn't last long as we joined Chris Harrison six weeks later in LA. Jason came out and revealed that since the finale wrapped he had changed his mind and was still thinking about Molly. Then, Melissa came on stage and was flabbergasted when Jason stated the chemistry had changed between them and he still had feelings for Molly. A pissed off Melissa gave the ring back to Jason and stormed off the set. When Molly then came out she too was shocked to hear the news about the breakup and even more shocked that Jason wanted to give it a shot with her. The show ended with Jason and Molly agreeing to take it slow and see what develops between them. Tomorrow night we'll find out how Jason and Molly are doing on another "After the Final Rose" that was taped only days ago. What did you think of the finale? Did Jason make the right decision? Post a comment and share your opinion with other "Bachelor" fans!


Anonymous said...

Oh my... I don't know what to think. I had heard the rumors that he picks one, but then changes his mind and picks the other one but I thought it would be Molly he picks first, and then changes his mind and chooses Melissa. Boy was I wrong. I always hoped he would pick Melissa and wasn't the biggest fan of Molly, However, I saw a different side of Melissa tonight and understand why she was boiling mad, but actually saw more understanding in Molly (the way she acted when she was turned down at the finale). I also can't be mad at Jason... I mean they are in a fish bowl and I believe he really fell in love with both of them but it played out on TV in such an unnatural way. So I believe that when he chose Melissa, he felt she would be the best for him AND his son and wouldn't be so into her work. But, when Molly was gone, he realized only then how deeply in love with Molly he really was. It's better he follows his heart. It's good to pick someone that will be good for your son, but his son will grow up soon enough and you should be with someone you are passionate about and are truly, madly in love with. I was surprised at how Molly was with Jason's son; she was better around him that I thought she'd be... you see, I was a big fan of Melissa, but now see that Jason is truly in love with Molly and it would be a big mistake for him to pretend he felt the same way for Melissa.

Anonymous said...

I am disappointed in how Jason publicized the break up with Melissa. In retrospect, I understand how hard it must be to figure out who you really love in such short meetings. I do like both of them. They are very different from each other. I really liked Jason too. But I have too say something makes me question his integrity when he can fall in love so many times and subject his son to it.

miss mandee said...

NO! Jason did not make the right choice of dummping melissa like that! I was so mad/ sad. I dont think molly and him make a good couple the look weired together. Melissa and jason were perfect. I so agreed with melissa when she said "I would have wanted you to let me go that final day, instead of doing this to me." I think diana made him think. What was her point for being on the show??? I really wanted to see jason and melissa get married on TV like trista and i heard a rumor that when jason was on the batchlorette he made a friend with some guy from dallas who knew melissa. The friend introduced them and they were dating for a little bit. The melissa went on the show and Made it to the end...they we supposable dating the whole time...idk i could be just another rumor.

Anonymous said...

Jason is a loser! I continued to watch the Bachelor because he seemed like a good guy. Now I think he is the problem in his relationships. His family pleaded about all of his unhappiness, yet now I see im as the front and center contributor. Although this was probably very difficult for Melissa, she will be better off without him. And Molly, you better watch out!

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