Monday, March 23, 2009

Claudia Jordan the First Woman Fired from "Celebrity Apprentice 2"

On Sunday's "Celebrity Apprentice" Deal or No Deal suitcase model Claudia Jordan became the first woman fired by Donald Trump. The show started with Donald informing the stars that the next task was to design a product launch for the ACN videophone. The men picked Brian McKnight as project manager while the women picked Claudia. During a coin toss to determine the order each team would showcase their presentation, Dennis Rodman blew up at Clint Black over ...well ...umm... I don't think even Dennis knew what he was angry about. Later, the teams brainstormed ideas for the presentation and Jesse James came up with traveling to West Point to film a vignette showing soldiers using the videophone to stay in touch with their families. He also suggested that Brian should sing at the presentation. The women chose Joan Rivers to emcee the event and decided to use live actors to showcase the videophone. However, Claudia and Melissa Rivers bickered during the whole task and couldn't work together as a unit. The two teams then showed their presentations to 500 ACN representatives who voted for the one they liked best. In the boardroom Donald revealed that the men received a whopping 85% of the vote and had won their first task. Claudia singled out Melissa and Khloe as the weakest players, but Trump placed the blame on the project manager and fired Claudia. Who will be fired next week?

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