Saturday, March 7, 2009

Sandy Burgin Voted Off "Survivor: Tocantins"

On Thursday's "Survivor: Tocantins" 53 year old bus driver Sandy Burgin became the fourth castaway voted out of the game. The episode started with Taj approaching Stephen about joining her secret alliance with Brendan. Stephen agreed and Taj showed him her immunity idol. Brendan however didn't get the chance to ask Sierra to join the alliance. The tribes then met at the Reward Challenge which had three members holding poles on their shoulders while the other castaways added increasing amounts of weight. The challenge came down to Taj and Debbie who both held 100 lbs. but Taj lasted longer and won a "camp raid" for her tribe. Taj then picked Sierra to go to Exile and luckily Sierra picked Taj to go with her. At Exile Taj filled Sierra in on the secret alliance and she too loved the idea. Meanwhile, JT and Joe went to the Timbira camp and took a bag of beans and a water jug. The next day the tribes took part in the Immunity Challenge which consisted of gathering and then constructing puzzle pieces to form a phrase. Although it was close, Timbira finally broke their losing streak and won immunity. At tribal council Jalapao decided to keep Sydney and get rid of Sandy. Now 12 contestants remain, who will leave next?

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