Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Tom Green Fired from "Celebrity Apprentice"

On Sunday's "Celebrity Apprentice 2" comedian Tom Green became the third star fired from the show. The episode started with Donald Trump informing the thirteen remaining contestants that their next task would be selling wedding dresses. Tom Green volunteered to be project manager for KOTU, while Brande Roderick was picked for Athena. The women worked hard from the start, decorating their store and calling their celebrity friends. Dennis Rodman and Tom, on the other hand, went out for drinks and stayed out late. The next day a groggy Tom informed his team he couldn't get Dennis out of bed because he was suffering from an eye problem. The teams sold dresses all day until they met Trump later in the boardroom. When the profits were compiled Athena won by nearly doubling the men's total. Trump considered firing both Dennis and Tom, but ultimately booted only Tom. Can the men bounce back after three straight losses? Tune in Sunday at 9pm to find out!