Tuesday, April 28, 2009

"The Amazing Race 14" Eliminates Nobody as Cara & Jaime Told the Leg will Continue

On yesterday's "Amazing Race 14" Cara and Jaime finally got their long awaited first place finish, but were told there was no Pit Stop and the race would continue. The episode started with the remaining four teams traveling from Guilen to Beijing, China. When they landed they headed to Liangzi Foot Massage Palace where a Roadblock awaited them. One team member had to endure a traditional therapeutic foot massage that was more painful than therapeutic. When the task was completed the teams were instructed to Guangcai Natatorium where they found a Detour. The choice was between jumping off a diving board and touching the water in unison or swimming 400 meters, alternating after every hundred. Kisha and Jen were doing well until the Detour, when Jen had trouble facing her fear of swimming. They kept switching tasks until Jen broke down under the pressure. Cara and Jaime completed the Detour first and were instructed to Drum Tower where Phil awaited them. However, instead of checking them in, he informed them the race was still on and gave them their next clue. Next week we'll see the conclusion of Leg 10 and find out who makes it to the final three!

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