Sunday, April 12, 2009

Brian McKnight Fired on "Celeb Apprentice 2"

On the newest episode of "Celebrity Apprentice" R&B singer Brian McKnight became the latest star fired by the Donald. The show began with the contestants shocked to learn of the unexpected firing of Khloe and Tionne. Donald then explained that the next task was to design an in-store display promoting LifeLock, an identity protection service. Natalie Gulbis was chosen as project manager for KOTU, while Brian was picked for Athena. Natalie decided to have the display look like a safe and Joan added each of their heads with a corresponding funny caption. Brian decided to go the safe route and featured LifeLock's CEO Todd Davis. During the task Jesse James got very sick, but pushed through to support his team. While the LifeLock people liked both displays, KOTU was given the win for their original idea. In the boardroom Brian admitted to not really wanting to continue, so Trump granted his request and fired him. The teams were then summoned back to the boardroom and informed that their next task began immediately. It would be a charity fundraiser auctioning off jewelry from Ivanka's line. Annie Duke jumped at the chance to be project manager for Athena, while Trump suggested Joan be P.M. for KOTU. The celebs then began calling their wealthy friends to help raise money for the auction. They also chose the models, dresses and jewelry for the show. The episode ended with Trump handing the reigns to season one winner Piers Morgan, who would watch over the teams and report back to Donald. Who will win the battle of the fund raising? We'll find out next week on a new "Celeb Apprentice"!

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