Thursday, April 16, 2009

Matt Giraud Saved from Elimination by the Judges on Tonight's "American Idol"

Earlier tonight, the judges on "American Idol" finally used their coveted save and 23 year old piano player Matt Giraud was the lucky recipient. Yesterday, the remaining seven finalists performed songs of the cinema and were mentored by Quentin Tarantino. To save time only two judges commented after each finalist sang their song. Alison Iraheta, Kris Allen and Danny Gokey were the episode's standouts. After the viewers voted, Matt landed in the bottom three along with Lil Rounds and Anoop Desai. Ultimately it was revealed that Matt had received the lowest number of votes and had to sing one final time to save himself. After some heated discussion among the judges and roars of support from the audience, Simon revealed that Matt would be given a second chance and saved him from elimination. He ended the show by reminding everyone that two people would be sent home next week and revealing that the next theme would be disco. Which contestants have what it takes to make it to the Top 5? Who do you think should be sent home next week? Leave a comment and share your thoughts!

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Anonymous said...

Vote people. Vote. And here's the best reason ever...

This is to help those on the show who should be getting their chance to make it for the first time EVER. And well someone needs research this and send the judges a clear message, but I know my instincts. I knew from day one something was stunk in Denmark. But this takes the cake…

American Idol ADAM played Arty on Home Improvement Nick at nite. It was on as I started posting this. I was working on my twitter posts. (on twuffer) And I am staring at the tv, going...THAT is Adam!!!! It's the episode where the youngest learns karate.

How odd that on Night 1 they blew Adam up and he was the ONLY 1 w/ special lare and in charge effects!!! And all the judges told everyone but Adam, they stunk!!! Did you catch that?

So, let me say Adam should be in the entertainment business, he's been in it long enough. But not this show. And NOT now! But for him to stay a moment longer on a show that helps no names get into the industry is as insulting as it gets. The show is about you and me and people who should have a chance to "Make It" but who are cold off the street. They should be getting this CHANCE TO MAKE IT NOW. Not Adam.

Sure, why not go ahead and put Carrie Underwood on their to win this year's show, too. Why not? If Adam stays, the show is a total waste and a scam.
Kick Adam off now.

Get the phone calls in for you Favorite NEXT WEEK. Remember that the judges can and do go in their room and vote. I have heard Paula on national TV state she goes in her room to vote. That means they all go in and vote. And they all have assistants…that can vote, too.
So how much does your vote count?