Friday, April 3, 2009

Sydney Wheeler Voted Off "Survivor"

After a three week hiatus "Survivor" returned last night and we said goodbye to 24 year old model Sydney Wheeler. The episode began with Coach continuing to annoy his tribe by insisting the beans be cooked exactly to his specifications and then proceeding to ruin said beans. Later, the teams met up for the Reward Challenge which consisted of building a barricade that the other tribe would have to toss ceramic pigs through without breaking them. It was a close race throughout, but Timbira edged out a win in the final seconds and were awarded with a barbecue at a nearby waterfall. They also chose Joe to go to Exile, who in turn picked Erinn to go with him. Back at camp, Taj created a fake idol and hid it where Joe was sure to find it. Also at camp, JT accidentally stumbled across Taj's real idol which forced Taj and Stephan to include him in their alliance, at least for the time being. Next up was the Immunity Challenge which had each tribe using a slingshot to hit three targets releasing sand and some puzzle pieces. Timbira was the first tribe to complete the puzzle, earning them immunity. When Joe returned to camp he went straight to tree mail where he found Taj's fake immunity idol. At tribal council Joe was outvoted as the rest of the tribe gave Sydney the boot. Next week the tribes finally merge. Will the cross-tribe alliance stick together or will Jalapao pick off Timbira one by one? Tune in next Thursday to find out!

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