Monday, April 6, 2009

Tionne Watkins and Khloe Kardashian Both Fired on Wacky "Celebrity Apprentice 2"

Last night TLC member Tionne "T-Boz" Watkins and Reality Star Khloe Kardashian were both fired on a crazy new episode of "Celebrity Apprentice". The episode began with Trump mixing up the teams and announcing that Brian McKnight was doing a concert and wouldn't be participating this week. He then revealed that the next task would be to create a 60 second viral video promoting All Small and Mighty laundry detergent. The new Athena picked Melissa Rivers as project manager while the new KOTU chose Clint Black. Athena member Annie Duke automatically threw out the idea of Jesse James being bathed by midgets. Jesse was wary of the idea at first but ultimately was coaxed into it. On KOTU Joan Rivers brainstormed lots of good ideas but project manager Clint was adamant about doing a dirty joke where a couple used "doing the laundry" as code for having sex. What followed was a mishmash of midgets, bad acting, women in lingerie, pop up captions, and a creepy inclusion of Trump's book. After Trump showed both videos to blogger Perez Hilton and the All executives he summoned both teams to the boardroom. A disappointed Trump revealed that the executives hated both videos and that both teams lost. He then added to the wackiness of the episode by firing two people for reasons completely unrelated to the task. First he fired Tionne for volunteering to come back to the boardroom and then he fired Khloe for her March 2007 DUI arrest. While it would be near impossible to ever top this week's episode, if any show could do it, it would be "Celebrity Apprentice".

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