Friday, April 24, 2009

Tyson Apostol Voted Off "Survivor Tocantins"

Yesterday's "Survivor Tocantins" featured yet another blindside and this time 29 year old pro cyclist Tyson Apostol was the victim. The episode began with Sierra trying to make amends with the tribe for voting Coach out, not Brendan. No one seemed willing to listen and Tyson even told her that she was the next to go. Later, the castaways split up into two teams of four for the Reward Challenge. Each team had to line up four puzzle boards so that seven vowels were visible through holes in the boards. They then combined those vowels with the consonants to spell a secret phrase. The team of Tyson, JT, Erinn and Debbie easily won the challenge and were awarded a day of local entertainment and a feast. They also picked Stephen to once again go to Exile. The next day the castaways competed in the Immunity of them did. Before the game started Jeff gave them the option to sit out the challenge and instead pig out on some pizza. Stephen, JT and Coach took the offer, while everyone else played a shuffleboard like game for immunity. Sierra was close to winning, but at the last minute Debbie bumped her piece and took the prize. Back at camp, Taj floated the idea of voting out Tyson instead of Sierra since Tyson finally didn't have immunity. JT was nervous about the idea, but at tribal council he voted with Taj, sparing Sierra elimination and sending Tyson home. Now only seven contestants remain, who will be voted out next?

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